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The bankruptcy filing of a business that owes you a significant debt, or of a business with which you have an important standing contractual relationship, can impose significant challenges. First and foremost, every bankruptcy filing, whether it is under Chapter 11 or Chapter 7, automatically imposes an injunction (commonly referred to as the "Automatic Stay") that immediately puts a halt to all efforts to collect an outstanding debt from the bankruptcy debtor.   But the Bankruptcy law does provide specific rights to certain creditors and contract parties, rights which by and large are neither automatic nor self-effectuating.  Many of those rights, if not exercised in a timely and proper manner, will be forfeited.


Robert has significant experience representing creditors (and creditors' committees), investors and trustees  in corporate and commercial bankruptcy matters in the U.S. Bankruptcy Courts (or Federal District Courts) in Connecticut and both the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York (i.e. Westchester, Manhattan and Brooklyn), as well as other jurisdictions  on special admission including California, Delaware, Massachusetts and Minnesota.  Rob will make sure that your rights are properly and timely preserved.


We would be pleased to assist you with any of the following bankruptcy matters:


     - Preservation and enforcement of claims against the

        bankruptcy estate;

     - Relief from the Automatic Stay;

     - Enforcement of reclamation rights;

     - Enforcement or rejection of executory contracts and leases;

     - Defense of avoidance actions (incl. preference and fraudulent  

       transfer actions);

     - Acquisition of assets in bankruptcy; and

     - Claims trading.


For a partial list of  bankruptcy matters that Rob has handled please click here.




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